Ontario Ice Fishing Northern Pike

South River Resort is located 3 hours north of Toronto and in the south-east corner of Lake Nipissing, which is one of Ontario's top fishing lakes. Northern Pike are also common in many sizes up to 20 pounds. From time-to-time guests catch Northern Pike, which reach 25 pounds. We have clean and comfortable waterfront fishing cabins, which are well maintained and all have modern appliances. We also offer ice fishing Northern Pike during the winter. We are a family owned camp with a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Rugby Lake Lodge is located 35 miles north of Dryden and 45 miles northeast of Vermilion Bay. This is a small family owned fishing camp and the only resort on the lake. This is one of the first fishing camps in Ontario to adapt a culture of conservation and for many years they have had a policy that all Northern Pike over 27 inches must be released. This has paid off big time. Northern Pike do not dominate the lake in high numbers like their unbelievable Walleye fishing but the lake has many Trophy Northern Pike in the 15 to 25 pound range. All these fish get released to get bigger every year. If you target Northern Pike you should catch 20 to 40 per day and over the course of a week you have a fantastic chance at catching a pike over 40 inches. They have comfortable lakefront housekeeping accommodations and the surrounding highlands are breathtaking. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Crappie as well boat caches on Lake Trout lakes.

North Country Lodge is located on beautiful Canyon Lake, which is north of Vermilion Bay in Northwestern Ontario. Northern Pike are very rare in Canyon Lake but they are becoming more common. North Country Lodge has boat cashes on remote inland lakes that are just stuffed with Northern Pike of all sizes including 20+ pound trophies. These lakes are very rarely fished even though they are easy to get to with ATVs or 4X4 Trucks. The reason they are rarely fishing is because there only a few people who live in the area and most people just don't know about them. They also have outstanding fishing for Walleye and Musky with backcountry lakes with Lake Trout.

Twin-J Hide-A-Way s located on Mattagami Lake, which is well known for having outstanding Northern Pike Fishing. They also have easy access to the Minisinakwa River where the Northern Pike fishing is just as good. They offer daylong fly-in trips to trophy Northern Pike lakes through the local air service. They offer housekeeping fishing cabins at a very affordable rate. They also have great fishing for Walleye and Smllmouth Bass. The have boat caches on a number of backcoutry lakes that offer fantastic fishing

Seine River Lodge is located near Atikokan Ontario and between Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Preserve. They have great fishing for Northern Pike. They are located of the Seine Chain of lakes so you can fish Banning Lake, Calm Lake, Chub Lake, Perch Lake, Seine River, Big McCauley Lake, Milk Lake, Miranda Lake, Niven lake and Flora Lake. All these lakes are accessible from the lodge by boat and all have fantastic Northern Pike Fishing. Pike can be caught in great numbers in the 2 to 6-pound range but many Northern Pike over 40 inches get caught and released. They offer American Plan housekeeping cabins as well as camping for both tents and RVs. They also have awesome fishing for Walleye an Lake Trout with their chain of lakes being the hottest Smallmouth Bass waters in Ontario.

Crystal Beach Resort is located close to Atikokan on Crystal Lake is is a premier Northern Pike Lake. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, it does not matter when you are fishing on this lake you will catch massive trophy Northern Pike and they have the photos to prove it. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 6-pound but their guests get tons of Northerns over 20 pounds and a few that are close to 25 pounds. Crystal Beach Resort is a family owned Pike fishing camp with personal and friendly service. They offer beautiful, clean and comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout.