Dryden Northern Pike Fishing

Sandy Point Camp is located on Kawashegamuk Lake, which is between Dryden and Ignace, Ontario and in the deep wilderness. They have outstanding fishing for Northern Pike. They also have boat caches on 9 surrounding lakes, which will give you the opportunity to experience the best Northern Pike fishing n Ontario. Pike are swarming along the shore with lots of 20-pounders to be caught. They have really nice housekeeping lakeside cabins and new boats & motors. Kawashegamuk Lake is one of Ontario's best Pike hotspots for trophy Northern Pike fishing.

Rugby Lake Lodge is located 35 miles north of Dryden and 45 miles northeast of Vermilion Bay. This is a small family owned fishing camp and the only resort on the lake. This is one of the first fishing camps in Ontario to adapt a culture of conservation and for many years they have had a policy that all Northern Pike over 27 inches must be released. This has paid off big time. Northern Pike do not dominate the lake in high numbers like their unbelievable Walleye fishing but the lake has many Trophy Northern Pike in the 15 to 25 pound range. All these fish get released to get bigger every year. If you target Northern Pike you should catch 20 to 40 per day and over the course of a week you have a fantastic chance at catching a pike over 40 inches. They have comfortable lakefront housekeeping accommodations and the surrounding highlands are breathtaking. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Crappie as well boat caches on Lake Trout lakes.

Merkel's Camp is located between Dryden and Dinorwic Ontario and on the north shore of Wabigoon Lake with close access to Dinorwic Lake. Both of these lakes are considered among the best fishing lakes in Ontario with unbelievable fishing for Northern Pike. Northern Pike in Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake are inundated with millions of Pike of every size but the real draw to Pike hunters is the monster trophy Northern Pike between 20 and 25-pounds that are commonly caught. If you want a Pike in the 50-inch rage this is your best bet. They have 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom lakeside housekeeping cottages on Wabigoon Lake as well as an outpost camp on Little Basket Lake, which also has fantastic Northern Pike fishing.

Indian Point Camp is located on the shores of beautiful and productive Wabigoon Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Wabigoon Lake is considered one of the top Northern Pike fishing destinations in Ontario due to the seemingly inexhaustible bounty of fish and the catch-&-release efforts of the lodge and their guests. Feisty 20-pound Northern Pike patrol the shoreline and unbelievable populations of good eating size Northern Pike are also available. There are tons of Pike and by shear numbers you will catch a trophy Northern if you target Pike. They clean and comfortable housekeeping fishing cabins.

Bonny Bay Camp is located on the famous Wabigoon Lake and an hours east of Dryden, which is well known all over North America for it's monster size Northern Pike. Not only do the Northern Pike get big, there are tons of them. They also have fantastic fishing other species. Check out their photo gallery. That says it all. They have beautiful lakeside cottages and fishing cabins, which can accommodate small to large groups. Bonny bay also rents top-of-the-line fishing boats.

Below are Pike Fishing lodges that are close to Dryden

Pine Cliff Lodge is located between Sioux Lookout and Dryden, Ontario and on Sandybeach Lake, which is also known as Big Sand Lake. Pine Cliff Lodge offers the very best Northern Pike Fishing in Ontario. There is also a high population of Smelt and Suckers in the lake. As a result they have super-sized Northern Pike. Northern Pike in the 40+ inch range are caught every week with a few Pike over 50 inches. Their lake also boasts a line-class world record Northern Pike. They have clean and comfortable cottages and offer both housekeeping and American Plan accommodation. This is Northern Pike fanatics spend their fishing vacation. Make sure you check out their list of Master Angler Northern Pike that have been caught and released.

McIntosh Lodge - is a beautiful little family run lodge on famous Canyon Lake, which is north of Vermilion Bay and west of Dryden. There are no Northern Pike in Canyon Lake as the Muskie did away with them but it's a short drive to the boat launch on the Wabigoon River and the lodge has boat caches on Long Lake, Square Lake and Bowden Lake where you can catch vast numbers as well as trophy Northern Pike in the 20-pound range. McIntosh Lodge has super nice lakefront housekeeping pine cabins with a beautiful main lodge for card playing or watching the big game on satellite TV. Their rates are very reasonable. You can always take a break from Lake Trout fishing and hit the fantastic Muskie, Walleye and bass fishing on Canyon Lake.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake and between Dryden & Vermilion Bay and just south of Waldhof, Ontario. The lake is famous for monster size Northern Pike. There are tons of Pike over 20 pounds caught with a few over 25 pounds each year. Their accommodations and rental boats are among the best in Northwestern Ontario. The lodge offers housekeeping cabins but they have a BBQ pit restaurant where you can order what you want and even cook your own steak. Professional guides are available.

Pine Sunset Lodge is located near the village of Dinorwic, between Dryden and Ignace Obtario, and on the famous Dinorwic Lake. They have outstanding fishing for Northern Pike. The bays and rocky points are swarming with Northern Pike ranging from good eating sizes right up to monster trophies. Dinorwic Lake is on the same system as Wabigoon Lake and produces Northern Pike between 40 and 50 inches. The have clean housekeeping cottages, which range in size to accommodate groups of 2 to 16 people. They also have a campgrounds for both RVs and tents.

Eagle Eye Guiding is located on Eagle Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Greg grew up on Eagle Lake and knows every inch and his professional pike guiding skills are available for travelers or guests of any lodge on the lake. Eagle Lake is famous for giant trophy Northern Pike. Greg with show you a day of the best Northern Pike fishing you can imagine. Spending a day with Greg is very educational as well. He will show you all the best Northern Pike tips and tricks to maximize your pike fishing skills and produce outstanding results.

Vermilion Bay Lodge: Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake in Northwestern Ontario is a fabulous Canadian destination for Northern Pike. Northern Pike are common between 20 and 35 inches and can be caught in great numbers. The reason the lodge is hear is because of the availability of giant trophy Northern Pike up to 45 inches and on occasion Northern Pike close to 50 inches are caught and released. With 8 comfortable housekeeping cabins and a main lodge overlooking beautiful Eagle Lake we offer personal service with over 30 years of experience serving fishermen and families.

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